vExpert, + Veeam Vanguard 

I am a Liverpool based geek working in the Virtualization space primarily around the VMware stack but I am also heavily involved with Veeam.


vExpert is VMware’s comunity based program. I have been lucky to be awarded membership to this program for a few years.


 The Veeam Vanguard Program is a hand-selected list of people of all backgrounds who Veeam feels embraces our brand best in their communities.


The NTC program recognises Nutanix enterprise cloud experts for their ongoing and consistent contributions to the community and industry.

Latest News

This blog has been neglected lately. So i have decided to redevelop a bit and make sure that i post more frequently and technically a bit deeper. I have also decided to transition away from WordPress

Cloudflare Workers

I have been reading more and more about Cloudflare Workers and it looking really cool but I couldn’t think of how I might make use of them. Then I came[…]

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New Host Family

VMware Cloud on AWS has introduced a new host to its lineup the “i3en”. This is based on the i3en.metal AWS instance. The specifications are certainly impressive packing in 96[…]

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Nutanix NCP

I saw a tweet a couple of weeks ago mentioning that Nutanix were offering a free go at the Nutanix Certified Professional exam. They are also offering free on-demand training[…]

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