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  • WordPress Hosting with Cloudflare  Pages

    WordPress Hosting with Cloudflare Pages

    I have been using Cloudflare to protect my web assets for a really long time. Throughout that time Cloudflare has been improving there capabilities and approximately 2 years ago I decided to move this blog into their worker’s product. This meant that the site was 100% served from their datacentre’s rather than just cached assets…

  • Static WordPress hosting using Cloudflare

    Static WordPress hosting using Cloudflare

    For a while now I have been running this site directly from Cloudflare utilising their excellent worker’s product. I did this originally as a learning exercise but due to the benefits It brought and the ease of use I decided to stick with it. The benefits are several fold: A couple of people have asked…

  • Wrangler and Node versions

    Wrangler and Node versions

    I am a massive fan of the brew package management system for macOS and use it on all of my Mac’s I typically just upgrade everything blindly and have never had an issue….. Until today… I went to push some changes to this site and got the following error message A quick bit of digging…

  • Web Development

    Web Development

    A while ago I started messing with Cloudflare Workers. I have now moved this site permanently over to them. This is partly related to some issues I have been having with internet access at home. Prior to this, the site ran from within my lab. This means the site is now super fast (hopefully :p).…

  • Cloudflare Workers

    Cloudflare Workers

    Moving from Wordpress to Cloudflare Workers

  • Cloudflare Setup for WordPress Users

    Cloudflare Setup for WordPress Users

    I have been a huge fan of Cloudflare since they first came to my attention.  I did a post on them a few years ago. They do an excellent job of improving web performance and increasing security. I also find Cloudflare’s Blog a fascinating read I saw a tweet by Chris Wahl recently where he talked about a Cloudflare firewall rule…