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  • Analytics in a privacy focused world

    Analytics in a privacy focused world

    I recently helped my friend Dean Lewis @veducate with some hosting issues. As part of the testing of this he kindly gave me a login to his WordPress instance. He has been a pretty prolific blogger over the years pumping out an amazing amount of really good content. It also highlighted to me that I…

  • Static WordPress hosting using Cloudflare

    Static WordPress hosting using Cloudflare

    For a while now I have been running this site directly from Cloudflare utilising their excellent worker’s product. I did this originally as a learning exercise but due to the benefits It brought and the ease of use I decided to stick with it. The benefits are several fold: A couple of people have asked…

  • Web Development

    Web Development

    A while ago I started messing with Cloudflare Workers. I have now moved this site permanently over to them. This is partly related to some issues I have been having with internet access at home. Prior to this, the site ran from within my lab. This means the site is now super fast (hopefully :p).…

  • Cloudflare Workers

    Cloudflare Workers

    Moving from Wordpress to Cloudflare Workers

  • AWS – Serverless

    AWS – Serverless

    AWS – Serverless Serverless is one of those stupid names within IT that doesn’t really explain whats going on. Its led to the comical meme below But buzzword bingo aside what is it and what can you do with it?  Well, my AWS cert is due to expire shortly and I haven’t played with it for…