Nutanix Command List

This is a list of Nutanix commands I have found useful. Its here as a reference and if i need a command more than a few times ill generally add it here.


  • ncli cluster get-domain-fault-tolerance-status type=nodeย  (Checks if all of the storage components meet the desired replication factor)
  • cvm_shutdown -P now  ( Correct way to shutdown a CVM)
  • ncc health_checks run_all –parallel=4 .  ( 4 is the max number)
  • curator_cli get_under_replication_info summary=true Checks if any objects are not at the desired replication factor
  • curl localhost:2019/prism/leader . Find the leader


  • http://{curator-master-cvm-ip}:2010/master/control ( If you want to invoke a curator scan manually)
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