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  • Holodeck CPU Fixes

    Holodeck CPU Fixes

    How to deploy Holodeck with Legacy CPU

  • MultiHost Holodeck VCF

    MultiHost Holodeck VCF

    How to Deploy VMware Holodeck on multiple hosts

  • VMC – vSAN ESA

    VMC – vSAN ESA

    vSAN Express Storage Architecture (ESA) was announced at VMware Explore last year (2022) and while it’s been available for our on-premise customers for nearly a year it hasn’t been available in VMC until now…. With the release of the M24 version of VMC. It is now an option for newly provisioned SDDC’s So why is…

  • Advanced Deploy VMware vSphere 7.x 3V0-22.21N

    Advanced Deploy VMware vSphere 7.x 3V0-22.21N

    Yesterday I sat and passed the above exam. It had been on my todo list for a good number of years. With the current pause in the Broadcom VMware takeover deal. I had some downtime and decided to use one of the three exam vouchers VMware give me each year. This upgrades me to a…

  • Nvidia Tesla P4 Homelab Setup

    Nvidia Tesla P4 Homelab Setup

    A little while ago I decided to play with vGPU in my homelab. This was something I had dabbled with in the past but never really had the time or need to get working properly. The first thing that I needed was a GPU. I did have a Dell T20 with an iGPU built into…

  • VMware – Going out with a Bang!

    VMware – Going out with a Bang!

    There is a lot of uncertainty with VMware at the moment. This is all due to the pending acquisition by Broadcom. There are a lot of unknowns for the staff and customers about what the company will look like in the future. I certainly have some concerns mainly just with the unknown. However, VMware has…

  • Runecast Remediation Script’s

    Runecast Remediation Script’s

    I am a huge fan of the Runecast product and luckily as a vExpert they give out NFR licences for my lab. One of the really cool features I wanted to mention today was the remediation script function. I have been playing with storage a lot in my lab recently as part of a wider…

  • 100Gb/s in my Homelab

    100Gb/s in my Homelab

    For a while, I’ve been looking to update the networking at the core of my homelab. I have had some great results with the current setup utilising a number of DAC’s but there were a couple of things that were annoying me. Then MikroTik dropped the CRS504-4XQ-IN and if the price wasn’t horrendous then that…

  • Forcing an Upgrade to vSphere 8

    Forcing an Upgrade to vSphere 8

    I run a reasonably extensive homelab that is of course built around the VMware ecosystem. So with the release of vSphere 8 I was obviously going to upgrade however a few personal things blocked me from doing it until now. The vCentre upgrade was smooth however knowing that some of the hardware I am running…

  • VMC Useful Links

    VMC Useful Links

    As part of my day job at VMware, I look after the VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) and VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery (VCDR) products in VMware’s Hybrid Cloud portfolio. This is a page of handy links (effectively a dump of my bookmarks) of the public-facing information and tools. Cloud Services Status Page Resources page VMware…