Nutanix NCP

I saw a tweet a couple of weeks ago mentioning that Nutanix were offering a free go at the Nutanix Certified Professional exam. They are also offering free on-demand training to go with it. In my current role, I haven’t used Nutanix however I have good experience using it as Continue Reading

Nutanix Life Cycle Manager

Nutanix Life Cycle Manager (LCM) With the introduction of AOS 5, Nutanix introduced Life Cycle Manager (LCM),ย  something that Is one of the best but least known Nutanix features.ย  Put simply it’s part of the Nutanix update mechanism but for dealing with hardware rather than the software components. To me Continue Reading

Nutanix CE

I ran a Nutanix CE server at home for a little while when it first came out.ย  However, due to the fairly high requirements, it didn’tย make sense to me to continue running it at home.ย  This was compounded by the fact that I have many clusters to play with at Continue Reading