My First Pull

I was initially going to add in the contents of this post to one that I have been writing about my exploits with Hashicorp Packer but I decided it probably warranted being separated out. While working with the following awesome project I noticed a couple of minor errors and Improvements that I wanted to suggest. I have worked in IT for over 10 years now but the opportunity to make suggestions to someone else’s codebase hadn’t popped up so I was keen to rectify that. Although I had used Git/Github before it was typically for my own uses as a code storage location. I, therefore, needed to sanity check the process of a “pull request” so off to Youtube I went.


The above video seemed to clarify the process the best and with that knowledge, the request was submitted to the owners and luckily it was accepted.

You can see that I am now listed as a contributor here. Although my contributuion was tiny, now that I understand the process much better I am planning to contribute some more to what is a fantastic little project.