Cloudflare Workers – Limits of the free tier

I have been making several changes (mainly cosmetic to this site over the last day or so) On most changes I have been doing an export and then uploading the site to Cloudflare using Wrangler.

After a while I received an email from Cloudflare saying:


You’re 50% of the way to reaching one of your daily Cloudflare Workers KV free tier limits. You can view complete usage information in the dashboard.

If you do not take any action and exceed the daily limit, requests to the Workers KV API will return 429 errors, and operations within a worker will fail until the limit resets at 2022-01-05 at 00:00:00 UTC.

I decided to keep ploughing on with my changes to see what happens when I go over this.

The next email I received was slightly more informative as it said which limit I had breached.

You have exceeded the daily Cloudflare Workers KV free tier limit of 1000 Workers KV put operations.

When I next tried to publish I got the following

wrangler publish --env production
✨  Built successfully, built project size is 13 KiB.
🌀  Using namespace for Workers Site "__jameskilbycouk-production-workers_sites_assets"
✨  Success
🌀  Uploading site files
Error: ⚠️  Code 10048: your account has reached the free usage limit for this operation for today

The same error was observed when running “Wrangler dev”

I had the option of upgrading for the cost of $5 which includes a very generous 10 million read operations and 1 million each of write, delete and list operations however it’s just not worth it for this site. I will wait until tomorrow to publish.

Detailed info on the limits is published here