AWS IOT Button

Back Story:

My AWS Solution Archictect certification is due to expire in the next 6 months and given I have not done a huge amount with AWS since getting certified I thought it was worth kicking the tyres again and running a few bits and pieces within AWS. One of the first things I did was move my blog over to AWS lightsail.

In addition to the  above I thought I would purchase an AWS IOT button  and have a play. The setup for these is now MUCH simpler with the introduction of the iOS and Android  setup apps.

Part 1   Button setup to email

To start with I just wanted to do something easy so I set it up so that with a press of the button it would send me an email via SES  This was to get to grips with the button check I had the comms setup correctly etc etc. I chose to use one of the prebuilt python functions for this. It deliveries a basic email like the below.

[codeblocks name='Pythonmail']

Part 2 IFTTT integration

Once i had this working I then decided to hook it into my Phillips Hue setup to turn the lights on or off. This was done mainly with the help of  this post from Joseph Guerra This wasnt quite straightforward as IFTTT have renamed some of the parts of the site. Joseph did a great post explaining this, however where he describes maker this is now called webhooks within IFTTT.  This is the full code that i’m using ( just with my key masked

[codeblocks name=’IFTTTLambda’]

Part 3 Monzo

Once the AWS to IFTTT integration was setup the next steps were quite easy.   Monzo is becoming my goto bank for most things.  They recently announced IFTTT integration so I wondered if i could hook my IOT button into Monzo.  I decided to create an action that when my button was pressed it would move ยฃ1 into a savings pot.

First you need to login to your IFTTT account and then add the Monzo channel.  This is pretty straight forward if you do from your phone where IFTTT and Monzo is installed.

I then went back to IFTTT on my laptop  to create the new applet using the create link

Then click on the + icon and drill down to find the webhook section

Then you need to check that the eventname on the webhook matches the AWS lambda event in my case I am using “buttonpress”

This should complete the “this” section, Now you to sort the “that”

Click on the plus and select the Monzo service with an action to move money into a pot ( Within the Monzo app I have already created a savings pot called IFTTT)

At the end of the process, you should have something that looks like the below

If everything is set up okay a button press will move money over in a few seconds.

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