Nutanix CE 5.6


I have been running Nutanix CE at home for quite a while now and the new version has just dropped so I had to try it out.   I decided to destroy the current ( Single Node ) Cluster that I was running and start again.   This was for a few reasons but primarily I wanted to introduce disk redundancy and add some extra drives.  I was previously running this on a Dell T20 with 1x Sandisk 240GB SSD and 1x WD Red 3TB drive.    So I added another WD Red and SSD.  I have also moved over to using an old Intel 80Gb SSD as the boot volume (rather than a USB stick)

I decided to stck with the orginal installer method and copyied the new build onto the SSD

[codeblocks name='ntnxprep']

Then run the installer and choose not to build a cluster.  I then needed to revoke the previous SSH keys for the Host and the CVM ( as i had used the same address’s)

I then SSH’d into the CVM and create the single node cluster but with disk redundancy

[codeblocks name='clustercreate']

On login to Prism Element the cluster shows that Im now on the later version and I now do indeed have storage redundancy.   The big green ok shows this at a glance.  The middle image shows a detailed view confirming that all the required components can tolerate a failure but obviously I cant tolerate a host loss as i only have 1 (last image ) 🙁

The cluster is pretty bare at the moment but I will start adding back the various systems.

Data is all ok
I am fully protected at the storage component level
I cant loose a host 🙁