Nutanix Personal

Nutanix NCP

I saw a tweet a couple of weeks ago mentioning that Nutanix were offering a free go at the Nutanix Certified Professional exam. They are also offering free on-demand training to go with it. In my current role, I haven’t used Nutanix however I have good experience using it as the storage platform with vSphere and have also run the Nutanix CE software both physically and nested to give me a better overview of the AHV platform.

The online training is delivered over a pretty modern platform and is done in a way to keep you engaged. The Labs aren’t super complicated but are buried into the training as opposed to a separate task. I think I prefer this approach.

This was the first online proctored exam for me so the experience was a bit different. I initially had some issues getting the software to recognise my web camera. After a bit of troubleshooting, this was resolved and the exam began. The questions were fair and followed the blueprint and the time allocated was ample for me.

I wasn’t confident when I pressed the submit button but the results came back instantly and luckily I passed. They also give you a breakdown of how you scored in the various sections this is a really useful piece of feedback that a number of tests deprive you of.

All in all top work Nutanix

AWS Personal

AWS Solution Architect – Associate

Today was a good day.   I renewed my AWS Solution Architect certification.   Although my work is primarily in and around the VMware ecosystem I have been working a lot with VMware Cloud on AWS recently with a number of our customers.     Having a good foundation of the core AWS services has made this much much easier to be able to articulate to the customers.

Due to the non-disclosure agreement, I can’t talk about any specific questions however I will say that the questions and the focus have changed quite significantly since I sat the exam a few years ago.  Like AWS itself they were at the cutting edge of the industry and the number of services they now offer is extreme, adding to the challenge of the exam.  I am now good for the next three years however I am planning to sit the Professional level exam in the new year.



And now for something completely different

I have worked for my current employer Zen Internet for  3.5 years.  Over that time I have changed roles from what was originally a customer focused role into a role with one of the core platform teams.  This has meant looking after the majority of the Internal and customer Virtual platforms.  During this time Zen has undergone a number of large migration programs and countless smaller ones. Some of the big ones include:

I have been lucky enough to be involved with all of these ( some much more than others)  Although the work is never complete Zen are in a good place.

At the same time, my personal circumstances have changed somewhat. My upcoming wedding and my fiancé not knowing exactly where she will be based meant having the freedom to be located anywhere ( within reason) was a huge win for me.

I was also looking for a role challenging me using some of the toolsets that I love but also being on the cutting edge of the various stacks.

And with that –  I am proud to say I am joining one of the big hitters,  awarded both the EMEA and Global VMware Partner Innovation Award for professional services 2018

Yes, I’m Joining Xtravirt as a Senior Consultant.

This should allow me to utilize and improve my core VMware knowledge, but also leverage some of my other skills including Veeam, Nutanix and AWS. Something I’m really looking forward to.  I also get to work with Chris Lewis, Simon Eady and one or two others…..