Lab Storage

I have been meaning to post around some of lab setup for a while.   Although it changes frequently at present its as below.  I will add some pics when I have tidied up the lab/cables

My primary lab storage is all contained within a HP Gen8 Microserver.

Currently Configured:

1x INTEL Core i3-4130 running at 2.3Ghz

16Gb of RAM

4x 1Gb/s NIC

2x 3TB WD Red

2x Intel SSD 320 Series 80GB,  25nm MLC

This is running Xpenology.


I have the 4 Nics split into two LACP bonds.   One for the management traffic and one for pure NFS traffic.

The 2xWD Red’s are in a SHR configuration with the SSD’s running as a SSD read write cache

This gives me 2.6TB Useable which is plenty to lab and store photos and media and with the RW cache the perf is pretty dam good.

I also have a DS216+II Synology with 2x 2TB WD Red’s  this is my tier 2 lab storage. for backups ISO’s etc


I am running a few apps/containers on the Xpenology install as it has a lot more ram/processing power.

At the moment this consists of:

Docker – Gitlab

Docker – PHPipam




Nutanix CE

I ran a Nutanix CE server at home for a little while when it first came out.  However due to the fairly high requirements, it didn’t make sense to me to continue running it at home.  This was compounded by the fact that I have many clusters to play with at work.   These all run my Hypervisor of choice vSphere so I thought it was about time to see what was new with AHV and Nutanix CE

I downloaded the latest copy of CE from the Nutanix site and extracted it to a USB stick with Rufus.   ( This took about 30 mins)

The server that I choose to run this on was the same server I ran initially.  a Dell T20 with the Xeon processor 32GB of Ram and 1x240GB SSD and 1x3TB WD Red.  The install is pretty straight forward and covered a lot elsewhere.

I am just kicking the tyres with it at the moment and running a few VM’s.  I have also shared out the storage from my Nutanix CE setup back to my vSphere environment.

Ill post back with some updates of what I get upto with it